Surf Team Expands Far Beyond SLV Students

The swells a coming! The San Lorenzo Valley Surf team does not just consists of just members from the San Lorenzo Valley High School, it consists of high schoolers who all share a common love for being out in the ocean, enjoying the waves and improving the art of surfing. The San Lorenzo Valley Surf teams head coach is Steve Davies, and the assistant coach in Joni Martin who runs the San Lorenzo Valley Surf Club. The surf team mets once, or twice a week and on the weekends depending on the waves.

The surf team had a grand total of five competitions each year. So far during this school year they have had two out of those five competitions. The first competition was at Waddell, and the second competition was at pleasure point. The three competitions that are soon coming to pass will take place at the hook, steamer lane, and Manresa.  During the first competition at Waddell the SLV surf team lost to Santa Cruz High, and in the second competition at pleasure point the SLV surf team won a very close competition by one point against Half Moon Bay. A normal practice according to Vinny Prograce a Junior at SLV consists of, meeting head coach Steve out in the water, unless it’s the weekend then the high schoolers go out and catch some waves while Steve films, and sometimes during practice the team will run practice heats to work on their competition strategy. Then after practice they watch over the videos and watch the waves. They caught, and learn from their mistakes so that they can improve their surfing abilities. A quote from Vinny Progress about why the SLV surf team is meaningfulx to him, “I like surfing in the comps. It’s fun to go surf with only a few other people in the water. Being able to have someone help improve my surfing is also a cool thing. Being able to look back on the videos and figuring out what I can do differently to maximize my wave is fun. Also surfing with a bunch of people you know all in one place in practice is fun.”  

So SLV surf team why don’t you say we get back in the water and finish this season with a splash.
by Sarah Hanson

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