Junior Varsity and Varsity Boys Basketball Teams Struggle As Season Picks Up Speed

The San Lorenzo Valley High School varsity basketball team, coached by Stephen Johnson, has gone into the preseason badly by losing three games in a row. Meanwhile, the junior varsity team, coached by Damian Moore, has also started badly by losing two preseason games.

The varsity team lost its first game, against Pajaro Valley, with a score of 51-76, with a difference of 25 points between the teams. The next game against Carmel was lost 74-43, with a difference of 31 points. Finally, the team lost against Pioneer 62-37 by 25 points again. The junior varsity team lost against Dublin 88-39, by 49 points. They also lost their game against Concord by ten points, 59-68.

Although the games do not count yet, having no importance for the league, both teams’ record raises questions over the effectiveness of tactics. The difference in scores between the teams has been a particular issue. Furthermore, the losses may negatively impact the team’s morale, the building of which is one of the chief aims of preseason games. To see if any of these were the case this journalist decided to interview some of the players of the basketball team.

An anonymous member of the varsity team, a senior, said when asked about the reason for the results, “We didn’t play well, but that’s just because we’re not used to playing as a team. If we play more and get used to each other we’ll start playing better.” After being asked if the repeated defeats had lowered morale, he said, “No, not at all. They’ve only made us want to win.” On the junior varsity team, the attitude was similar. Although the team had lost they were confident in turning results around. Several members of the team said they’d “do well and win” this season.
Although repeated losses are not a good sign, they are natural in teams that are not yet used to playing with each other. If they keep their morale up, it is likely that both teams will get into a good rhythm and, hopefully, will start and end the season well.

by Pablo Reid

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