Water Polo’s Undefeated Season builds to Possible Prospect of Being First in League

The water polo varsity boys team is undefeated in the league. San Lorenzo Valley High School has been gifted with around twenty-one very talented varsity players. The head coach being, Matt “Camo” Troxell, and the JV coach being, Julia Ayers. The boys varsity team having fourteen games this year and not  losing one yet goes to show just how impressive and talented they are. Being undefeated and only having three to four more games left, the odds of them being number one in league is in their favor. The boys dedicate a lot of time to train and become better at the sport they love. They train every weekday with the exception of games. In practice they usually spend 30 minutes to an hour of sprints and conditioning and then another hour of drills and skill work. Practice usually goes from 5 to 7.

A quote from Patrick Slayer regarding his water polo career, “Polo changed my life, it really changed me physically and mentally.” Water polo is an extremely challenging sport and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, the San Lorenzo Valley water polo team does not come anything short of letting down those expectations, and their hard work has paid off.

Come support our boys at their next game, at home game against Palma, Salinas on Tuesday, October 9th at 7pm. As Well as the San Lorenzo Valley JV water polo team having a home game against Palma, Salinas on Tuesday, October 9th at 6pm.

The girls varsity head coach is Rosie Hope, and the JV coaches are MIke Ayers and Kurt Edwards. Come support our varsity girls water polo team at their next home game on October 9th at 5pm against Christopher Cougars. As well as the next JV home game at 4pm against Christopher Cougars. Good luck Cougs!!

by Sarah Hanson

photo by SLV photography

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