Volleyball Shifts Lineup and Wins Despite Injuries; Attribute their Success to Team Chemistry

SLV cougar volleyball is continuing the second half of their volleyball season with five games left. All three teams have won 2 games and played 10.  The Cougars have had some hard battles against Harbor High and Scotts Valley. Varsity head coach Ms. Bauman says, “Our season is going well, but we are having a problem with injuries, so we have to adjust to new lineups.”  They have one player out for the rest of the season, and three others that have been hurt during games but are still able to play. As some of those players are starters, it makes changing who plays and being able to gel together much harder.  When it comes to team chemistry Haley Johnson says, “We all mesh very well, have upbeat attitudes, and love the game making playing together enjoyable.”

 After last years two win, rough season, Haley also states “This season is much better because Ms. B  has played before and is very involved.” This season is looking up for many players, with the help of the new coach.  As the season is winding down and teams are playing each other a second time, the Cougars are working hard and are out for redemption.

Coach B is looking for another league match win before the season ends, and for her team to stay positive, and continue working hard even when they are not winning.  As for the Cougars, they are getting fired up for a strong rest of the season.

by Erika Kindred

photo by SLV Photography

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