Though Boldness and Daring of Girls Tennis has led to Injuries, Method also Wins Games

Even with recent injuries, Girls Tennis dominates the court.

Recent weeks have brough trials and tribulations to the girls tennis team, with accidents harming two stellar players and pulling one out of matches entirely. Sarah Hanson dislocated her shoulder in the first few weeks, and Amayah Seedman injured her knee, and both of these players were at practice when these events occurred. This begs the question: Is tennis a dangerous sport? According to Brook Weder, year 11, “There’s ways to be smart while on the court, like keeping your arms stiff to avoid straining your wrists when the ball comes at you. Also, remember to not stand in the transition section.” (which, after a short inquiry, was discovered to be the middle between the net and the back boundary) So the answer is clear: The sport is not dangerous, if you take the necessary precautions when navigating the game.

So how did Sarah Hanson dislocate her shoulder? Performing the most risky move in tennis, the dangerous “Topspin”. It entails hitting the ball just before it bounces, which, when done correctly, is a powerful move that derails the concentration of the opponent and decreases the chance of them guessing what your next move will be. Unfortunately, when done incorrectly, it can lead to injuries in the shoulder blade and collarbone. Regardless, it was a risk that Sarah had the gall to take, and that shows the true determination of the girls tennis team.

The natural conclusion to the situation at hand is the decrease of morale from the recent injuries; however, girls tennis surprises us all once again and pushes forward, not only meeting expectations but excelling and winning match after match! Over half of the now 24 players have won at least 1 game. Whether it be singles or doubles, the team shows promise for wrapping up the season in the next few matches! Amayah Seedman and Alona Vincent have recently won a match against opponents with an 8-1 final score, and Brook Weder has won a singles game against Scotts Valley with 8-4. This clearly shows the determination and strong spirit of the tennis team when going up against other schools, even if the sport has its dangerous implications. In the next match against Aptos, the team will most certainly have the spunk and the motivation to play a fair and strong game, regardless of the outcome of the score.

by Mira Wichelmann

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