San Lorenzo Valley High School Student’s Favorite Horror Movies to Watch

The beloved holiday, Halloween, is quickly approaching. The need for the best horror movies has never been greater. Some horror movies that students at our school suggest for Halloween 2018 include: The Witch, The Conjuring, A Quiet Place, Hereditary, and Scream.

Damian Cardenas, a freshman at SLV high school recommends the gothic film, Hereditary, “My favorite horror movie is hereditary because it’s a very different and a very well made horror movie that is genuinely creepy.” The 2018 horror film is rated R, and received 7.3/10 stars. The movie also received an 89% on rotten tomatoes. “The acting for some scenes was done very well, especially in the scenes when dramatic portrayal was needed; making scenes more haunting than ever.” Damian went on stating that the film was different from most horror movies and that was certainly appreciated, “It’s different because it doesn’t just rely on jump scares and full on mindless gore, but adds interesting and gothic content.”

Max Wildey, a junior at SLV states that he doesn’t understand the entire thrill component of horror movies, although he does appreciate a select few. His overall favorite horror movie is titled The Night of the Living Dead. This is an older horror movie that was released back in 1968. The classic was rated 97% on rotten tomatoes and received 8/10 stars. “I like Night of the Living dead because it is an old-timey movie, and it shows how the original scary movies were made.” Although old, the movie holds its place as one of the most beloved horror films. “Because Night of the Living Dead is an earlier film, it’s shown in black and white. This works for this movies advantage, expressing true terror.” The zombie based movie is a model horror film, that is a perfect choice for a scare as Halloween approaches.

Horror movies are the perfect movies to watch as Halloween is rapidly approaching. Whether it’s an older, black and white film, or a newer film with incredible graphics, these horror movies are great picks for a spooky and fun time.

by Atara Miller

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