From Dancing to Football, SLVHS Students Celebrated Homecoming Week

Did you attend San Lorenzo Valley High School’s Homecoming game and dance? Homecoming is a tradition of welcoming back former students and members and celebrating the organization’s existence. It is traditional in the United States and Canada. Homecoming was invented 100 years ago at the University of Missouri-Columbia when an athletic director Chester Brewer urged Alumni to “come home” for a football game against Kansas. Homecoming includes a big football game and dance, on the Friday or Saturday after a spirit week and rally in school. It’s usually open to all four grades and some schools keep it casual while others make it a semi-formal affair.

Our school, San Lorenzo Valley High School had a spirit week with meme day, 2000’s day, what the heck are you wearing Wednesday, denim day, and red and black day. On Friday there was a rally with a cheerleading performance, homecoming court introduction, and lip sync battle between all four grades. The Freshman did a  Lemonade Mouth themed lip-sync, Sophomores di Hannah Montana, Juniors did Teen Beach Movie, andeniors did High School Musical. The gym was decorated for the four themes and the Seniors came in first, second up Juniors, Sophomores got third, and Freshman came in last

The homecoming game was on Saturday, October 6, The Junior Varsity and Varsity both won their games, with JV scores, 19-16 and Varsity’s, 30-3.

The homecoming court was, Christiana Reason, Rebecca Veranzza, Kajsa Johnson, Jordan Kittle, Camryn Crouch, Reese Castagna, Julian Auldridge, Ty Martinez, Chris Anderson, and Malakai Lawton. The two MC’s were Zoe Mendez, and Aidan Callahan. The Queen turned out to be Camryn Crouch, while Chris Anderson was king, Jordan Kittle was princess, and Ty Martinez was prince. A Freshman said, “It was great but I couldn’t hear anyone or the homecoming royalty announcements because with the band playing and everyone there it was too loud.”

The game ended around 4:00 and the homecoming dance started at 7:00. A Freshman said “The dance was fun but it took awhile for us all to get in the gym because of bag checking. It was a new experience and kind of how I expected it to be but kind of different. It was very hot and sweaty and crowded.” A Sophomore said, “The dance was what I expected it to be, similar to last year. It was hot and sweaty with lots of grinding. It was fun but half way through people wanted to leave because of the heat and we had to keep going outside for water but overall I had a good time with my friends.” Hopefully, you had a great time and showed lots of school spirit this week and if you did not there’s always next year.

by Sierra Bullock

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