Cougar Football: the Workouts may be Exhausting, but the Family is Worth it all

This month, both our varsity and junior varsity football teams had their homecoming games. Both of the teams were victorious, making for an excitement and joy filled Saturday. I was given the opportunity to interview several of the victors on what it’s like to be a football player; read ahead to find out what kind of workouts they do that allow them to win games, and what it feels like to win a game!

It takes hard work and determination for a team to win games, and luckily the Cougars have exactly what it takes to do so. Every week at practice, the varsity team is out on the field for over two hours, working to get ready for their next game. A typical practice for the team consists of not only running, but in addition, an exercise called “Quarters” which involves push-ups, up-downs, and situps. According to Dakota Estes, a junior on the varsity team, “I don’t think we should do them, because they’re exhausting, but hey, whatever keeps us in shape I guess”. Aside from the physical aspect of football, when asked how he feels about his teammates, he replied with “ We get along very well, at some points we do get very frustrated at each other for petty little things, but that is what family is all about”. This is the heart of Cougar’s football, and what makes for such a strong team, through the good and the bad.

After the win at homecoming, Dakota was ecstatic, “Winning a game is one of the best experiences I will ever get to feel, everything around me is so much better, the atmosphere changes, all the hard effort I put in is finally paid off, and I can go home happy”. Dakota is not the only one who feels accomplished after a great game, though. Jadyn Adams believes that “ To win a game feels like sneezing in my opinion. That relief after you’ve been stressed for so long.” It was indeed a happy day with the final score for varsity being 30 to 3. To add onto this, Dakota says that, “ The crowd we had there was just so big and energetic, and the team we went against was super nice and respectable.”Overall, the homecoming game was a huge success both on and off of the field.

by Emma Anderson

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