A Spooky Halloween Adventure for Everyone at Great America

Are you looking for something to do for this spooky season? Well, I highly suggest going to Great America’s Halloween Haunt. The whole park is transformed into a Halloween themed park with scary monsters and villains jumping out at you at every corner. The park has eight horror themed mazes such as Chaos House, Roadkill Roadhouse, and Zombie High. It also has multiple shows you can watch and three scare zones with even more jump scares.

The park is now open and stays open until the 28th of October so you should go visit before it’s too late. It’s open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and depending on the dates, the park will either be open from 7pm to 12pm or 7pm to 1am. For those of you who have never been to Great America, it is located on 4701 Great America Pkwy in Santa Clara. The drive is sometimes long and there can be traffic but the park is definitely worth it once you get there.

The Haunt pass prices start as low as $31 but I suggest getting the Gold Pass. It is more expensive with a price of about $80, but it includes free parking, 20% off all food and drinks, entry to the normal park, the water park Boomerang Bay, the Halloween Haunt, and Winterfest. Another option for the haunt is the Fright Pass, which is an additional $40 to the regular haunt admission but lets you bypass the normal line for all of the mazes. I have not used the Fright pass yet but my friend Emma Gipson said “The fright pass is very helpful and makes everything happen way faster. I got way more done because I didn’t have to wait in the line for so long.”

I visited the haunt with a large group of my friends on a Friday night. We got there before it opened so we watched a performance introducing the new character from one of the new mazes. After a dramatic performance finished by fire shooting out of the water, the gates opened and we ran inside. In the beginning, the park was not very crowded, but it started filling up around 10 pm. I got to go to one of the new mazes, which was Madame Marie´s Blackout. We were all given a dimly lit flashlight and we had to find our way through the haunted house while people jumped out at us. Unfortunately, I did not go on the other new maze, Tooth Fairy, because it had an estimated wait time of two hours. Overall I thought the new look of the park was very well set up. It was more spread out but still full so there were things to do around every corner. I also went last year and I think that this year was more fun than last year. I can’t wait to go there again and even though I left the park with a sore throat from screaming, I still had a very spooky and fun night.

by Sierra Mattair

photo by blogger.com

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