Student Directed Play, “A Haunting We Will Go,” is on Track to be a Great Success

by Madison Reger

A thrilling new production is coming to SLVHS this fall. “A Haunting We Will Go” directed by two of our seniors, Nick Payne and Jennifer Rodriguez, will be hitting the PAC October 26th. Student produced plays have had tremendous success over the years here at SLV, and this one is on track to do the same. This twist on the classic 1942 movie will surely be a hit amongst the student body, and will hopefully bring lots of positive attention toward our drama program. The drama production is a great opportunity for several students to get their break on the big stage. The student prosecuted play is also a great chance for students to experience the responsibility of directing an entire play.

Students rehearse every day of the week usually going to around 6. The students who participate in these productions practice as much if not more than some who play sports. Student Camryn Hipwell is participating in the play this year, and she’s very excited for how it’s going to turn out. Hipwell says,” I got the part I was really hoping to get which is awesome.” Like her, many other students were thrilled to see that they landed their wanted roles. For some, these roles have been wanted since well before high school. A vast majority of participants have done drama throughout middle school, and even out of school productions. Although all plays are alike in some form, the ones at the high school seem just a little different. “I’m excited to perform for my friends” says Hipwell. “I’m a little nervous but mostly excited to see them in the seats watching.”The thrill of having all your classmates getting the opportunity to watch all your hard work pay off is an awesome feeling, that the highschool allows for students. With students busy at work learning choreography, lines, and on stage action, we also have to recognize those who make the play happen from behind the scenes. Student Adia Beaulieu helps with makeup and costumes for the play. Juan Padilla helps with tech and the set pieces off stage and during the production. He says he’s excited for this opportunity, and thinks the play is going to turn out great this year. With this said, don’t forget to take the chance to watch your friends perform in this classic play coming this fall to the PAC.


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