Overview of San Lorenzo Valley Sushi Spots

by Atara Miller

Finding the right restaurant can be difficult when taking environment, service, and quality into play. There is a popular, and growing demand for engquist sushi, as the food has increasingly become mainstream. Fortunately, here in San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley, there are no shortages of enticing sushi restaurants.

Sushi restaurants in Scotts Valley include: Otoro Sushi (rated 4.6 stars on Yelp), Sushi Blossom (rated 4.5), Rumble Fish (rated 4.5), and Sushi Garden (rated 4.5).

Restaurants in San Lorenzo Valley include: Sushi San (rated 4.3), and Edo Sushi Bar and Grill (rated 4.7).

Otoro Sushi is a small, yet deeply endorsed sushi restaurant located in the Scotts Village Parking Center. The food is served in a bright, open space filled with large windows and televisions. “I had low expectations because the menu was written in Papyrus.” says Elise L. on Yelp about Otoro Sushi, “It turns out their Chirashi set and Chef’s specials (~$20 including miso soup, salad) were fresh, delicious, and incredibly large portions. We were also very impressed by the agedashi tofu. Ambiance is suburban – sullen families, teens on dates kicking off their sushi, retirees, noise, TV on the background. Service is efficient and unchatty. Food is spectacular.”

Another popular sushi restaurant is Sushi Blossom, well known for their lobster. Sushi Blossom is located on Camp Evers Ln. “I had one of my best sushi experiences in my life at this nice and cozy gem, tucked away in Scotts Valley! They had really awesome and friendly staff that will go over the menu with you if you had any questions and their service is over the top!,” states Joon K. on Yelp.

Rumble Fish is a laid-back establishment that offers a range of rolls, and lunchtime bento-boxes. Rumble Fish is located on Scotts Valley Drive. Although some say it is the best sushi in town, there have been many negative comments, “If you’re going to charge $15 for a roll and $5 for a bowl of edamame then you have the money to invest in your business and keep it clean and modern. This place needs a remodel. Sushi is mediocre and with so much mediocre sushi around here I’m choosing to go elsewhere for future visits.”, says Jess W.

Sushi Garden is an adorable little restaurant on Scotts Valley Drive. Sushi Garden offers gluten-free options, as well as great prices, and generous portions.

“…The service is all over the place ranging mostly in the mediocre zone. The food is also not at the same caliber as when they first opened or their other location. I’ll give them a few more tries but things seem to be heading in the wrong direction,” says Aaron.

Sushi san is a polished sushi restaurant on the newer side. The restaurant is found on Graham Hill Road in Felton. Although it has odd surroundings (Safeway as well as a donut shop), it is definitely worth a visit. On Yelp,  Joyce L. expresses, “It has authentic Japanese food, specialty rolls, udon, sashimi are all very good. The waiters are very nice too. It even has a small waiting area that has a lot of toys to entertain the kids. A gem in the small town Felton.”

Tae’s Edo sushi is probably the most overlooked sushi restaurant because it is located all the way out in Boulder Creek. Although small, and not well known, Tae’s Edo Sushi got the highest Yelp review, with a towering rate of 4.7 stars. Elizabeth H. exclaims,  “I was hesitant at first to try the sushi here (sushi in the San Lorenzo Valley…) but I have eaten here several times, and I have yet to be disappointed. The fish is fresh, and the menu has a bunch of great selections. We really like the Tommy’s cajun appetizer, the spicy tuna on crispy rice, and the seafood pancake (I know I know that’s Korean, not Japanese, but trust me it’s good here). We also like the yami yami roll, the red dragon roll, and the FX spider roll. Their chirashi is good too. The staff also let our group linger and get a little loud after a few rounds of sake, Kirin, and Asahi. They were super nice and patient! Great people and great food!”

Hopefully, this review has opened the eyes of many to the incredible, delectable, and unique options of sushi we have here in San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley. The review has summed up the best places for service, environment, and food (including family favorites). Go check out the remarkable sushi restaurants near you!

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