SLVHS Installs Brand New Tennis Courts

by Christopher Markey

SLV has had the same three tennis courts since the 40’s. The tennis teams have been playing on the Boulder Creek country clubs courts and also the courts at Highlands Park. Slv has never played on the old courts. Saviano has made the new tennis courts. It took them four long hot months to build these courts and the basketball courts that are attached.

SLV had Saviano build them new tennis and basketball courts because the last ones SLV had were cracked and the nets were broken and falling apart. The San Lorenzo Valley High School wanted our tennis team to grow and wanted the kids that aren’t interested in contact sports to have an option in playing a sport. SLV wanted to have there matches at their school and not at highlands or at boulder creek country club.

 Mr. O’Brien the tennis coach said he “loves the new courts and thinks they look great. He said him and his team can’t wait to play on the new courts.”

In an interview with junior Olivia Lapioli, she described her experience thus far with the new courts. She mentioned that her team “couldn’t play at the three courts that have been at SLV because they were messed up and not safe.” Olivia likes the new courts and said that “they’re the best in the Santa Cruz County.” She thinks that these courts would help the team improve their game and team chemistry. She did note the one downside to the new courts, saying “There is no shade and it’s really hot on the courts.”

Sarah Hanson, another tennis player,  thinks that the new tennis courts “have been a big part of the huge outcome of new players.” She noted that “The courts are very nice and a lot bigger than the last courts that we used to practice at. There are six courts which have provided a much bigger and nice environment for us to learn more about the sport we love.” Speaking about updates to the team she said: “We have three new tennis coaches this year which has been so nice to have more of a one on one teaching. We have five tennis coaches which are all five very experienced  tennis players, they are all amazing coaches and have already taught me so much in this very short amount of time.”

Pictures Taken by Chris Markey

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