Swim Finals Approach Rapidly

Last meet Jared Rembao qualified for CCS for the 50 meter sprint with a time of 22 seconds. CCS is when the fastest swimmers from the central coast section race against each other. This isn’t the only thing on swimmers minds. Finals are right around the corner which means only a few weeks after the long awaited spring break. “It’s going to feel great to have a week to hang out with my friends and really relax, but I know that training will be rigorous the week after.” says swimmer Zane Krikke. spring break poses a big threat to swimmers, a week’s break is a long time. That’s why optional practices were held on Monday and Tuesday of spring break. After break, it’s nothing but training hard, for finals.

Finals is a big swim event, just like finals in track, finals for swim is when the schools best swimmers swim in their events for points. Whatever school has the most point in that category, either JV girls or boys, Varsity girls or boys, they win their league. Swimmers will place in finals depending upon time. That’s why swimmers like Nate Alisago take their training very seriously. “ Swimming is all about self improvement. When I swim it’s always great to have friends and be friends with everyone on the team, but during practice is all about getting stronger and honing my abilities as a swimmer. There is nothing a swimmer can’t improve. It’s also almost a form of meditation for me.”

Swimming does act like a meditation and swimmers say that that’s an aspect of swimming that they adore. The cozy effect of the water, the solitary line at the bottom of the pool, the total cancellation of outside stimulation. The fifth element of yoga as described by the sage Patañjali in his Yoga Sutras. The fifth element is canceling out all outside stimulation, and in the water this is perfectly true. This type of meditative state in the water is extremely peaceful at times, but at certain moments, the swimmer isn’t focused on relaxation or how their day was prior to practice. Nothing else matters once a swimmer enters the pool. The pool is their domain, their territory. The swimmer is there to improve, nothing else. They are not there to do homework, read, write, it is a job. It is the swimmers job to hone their body to the best of it’s ability. To be the best swimmer they can be for their team, rain or shine.

Swim is not the only aquatic sport that’s coming to a close though. Dive season is nearing its end as well. Dive has had a great year with the new freshmen in the mix. Freshman diver Jessica Williams was asked how she felt about the dive season. She said, “I feel like throughout the season I have grown not only as a diver but as a person as well. Dive has taught me to stick with something even if it’s hard in the beginning. Dive has been a blast, getting closer to my coaches and friends. This season has been a season of growth and challenge.” Dive is a sport where individuals are forced out of their comfort zones, pushed to the limit. That’s what SLV diving is about, becoming something better.

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