SLV Baseball Team Demoralized by Losing Streak

Boys baseball kicks off there season in a major slump and are still searching for their first win. Senior Mark Carling who plays on Varsity said “we haven’t had the best start to our season”. The boys are 0-3 so far this season losing to the Harbor Pirates, The St. Francis Sharks and the Santa Cruz Cardinals. The boys lost to the Harbor Pirates 12-7 in a heartbreaking defeat. Aidan Callahan said, “The game against harbor was a very hard game to take because we had the lead for a lot of the game but then lost it later in the game.”

The boys also lost to the St. Francis Sharks 5-4. Vinny Prograce said, “Our game against the sharks was a very very hard game because we have had a lot of close games this year and this was another one that we had in the bag but once again lost the lead late in the game”.

The boys 3rd regular season game was also a tough one that they lost to the Santa Cruz Cardinals 13-1. Last year the boys played the Cardinals in the SCCAL championship and they won. The championship game was a very close game and so were all the other games that they played against each other last year, but this year the Cardinals were able to defeat the Cougars easily. Vinny Prograce who was at the Championship game last year and now plays shortstop for varsity said “Last year I didn’t play in the game, but I was in the dugout because coach Sutcliffe brought me up just in case he needed me, but watching the championship game we were perfect we made barely any errors, but the game we just played against them we made a lot of errors and couldn’t hit and that’s what determined the game.”

The Manager of the San Lorenzo Valley Cougars Shane Sutcliffe had a few words to say on the season so far. He said “ We have had a tough start to our season this year compared to last year. This year we are making a lot of errors which is really killing us, but also we haven’t been able to practice a lot due to the poor weather so I think as the days clear up we will be able to practice more and with practice we will be able to start making our way up the rankings.” he also said, “all of our talents are there we have great pitchers like Aden Rich and Trent Walker and the infield and outfield has the talent to do great we just need to put the work in.”

   `The team this season is 3-8 that includes league and non league games. Connor Wilson, an outfielder for the team, said “I think that we are a very good team even though it doesn’t show in our record it mainly just comes down on practices because it has rained a lot this year in the valley so we haven’t been able to use the field and live hitting is way better than hitting in the cages or sitting in a classroom, I believe we will pick it up anytime now and we’ll get some dubs.”

The JV team has also had a pretty hard season this year. They are 1-1 in league right now, they lost to the Harbor Pirates and they won against the St. Francis Sharks. The JV boys never got to play the Santa Cruz Cardinals because there was no umpire that was available that game so they just canceled it. The boys lost to Harbor by one run off a walk off.  Jackson Parmenter had some thoughts on the game. He said “I was the Pitcher that game and we looked not so good we weren’t hitting the ball that much and our fielding wasn’t good at all and that’s why we lost that game. We were up by one run in the bottom of the 7th with two out and nobody on, and from there on out we just made multiple errors and that’s why we lost, but I definitely think that we won’t lose every game do to errors I am already noticing us getting better .” The JV boys beat St. Francis by 4 runs and had the lead for the whole game. Jackson Parmenter said “ We played very good this game we had very little errors and a lot of hits and if we keep playing like that then we will win a lot of games.” With the boys record being 1-1 they are looking good to finish high up in the standings this year.


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