Russian Spy Killed in the United Kingdom

The attack on a former Russian spy brings a lot of questions to the table, such aswhy he was attacked, and why they used a nerve agent. The Russian spy was attacked in southern England near his home by a nerve agent used to stop the respiratory system of whoever inhales it. Britain’s prime minister said of the attack that “Moscow is likely to blame for the poisoning of former Russian spy.” Poisoning with a nerve gas puts many more people at risk in addition to the person that is being attacked. The nerve agent used was created by Russia and is high military grade gas. The United Kingdom believes that the attack was a direct attack towards Britain, or the nerve agent was leaked and got into the wrong hands. It was surprising that someone had used a deadly nerve agent in a public place, and this attack could be considered a terrorist attack since more than just the target were at risk. Prime Minister May summoned the Russian ambassador to demand an explanation for this attack, and stated, “Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to a unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom, and I will come back to this house and set the full range of measures we will take in response.” This could be considered an act of war and lead to drastic measures between the two countries.

This attack could lead the two countries out of peace if the United Kingdom feels this was a specific attack on their country since they could retaliate, They may retaliate because if the United Kingdom does not do anything or doesn’t justify this attack they could be percieved as weak and taken advantage of later on.

The killing of the spy was a statement they believe, if the nerve gas attack is not given a decent response then the United Kingdom will take further actions and could break the peace between the two countries. The United Kingdom is astonished that an organized country would do such a thing in the public of another country. The attack put more people at risk than just the target. Moscow was to blame fo0r the nerve gas attack but has denied the right to doing so two times now. Russian prime minister said “ warning russians to not betray russia, because if you do, don’t choose britain as a place to live” this almost seems like they are admitting but not admitting to the attack of the former russian spy. He’s saying that if you betray russia do not choose Britain as a place to live because no matter where you are they will find you and take action.  Mr. Skripal who is the former agent of russia was a double agent selling secrets to britain, he was caught and convicted sent to prison and later freed in 2010 he spent four years in prison. When he was freed he was sent to britain. On the day of the attack Skripal and his daughter were found on a park bench and were found by police officer Nick Bailey who was also hospitalized for the attack. He ran up to the spy and his daughter not expecting there to be a lethal nerve agent in the air and inhaled it. All russians going into britain are kept on watch and a lot of diplomats are being kicked out. The quote above says everything they need to believe that Russia was the one that held the attack speaking that the Spy had been selling Russian secrets to britain and was caught by Russia. Plus the nerve gas used was created by Russia to use in war.

by Collin Manley

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