Tennis team pushes through on the power of teamwork

Camaraderie and friendship, two traits that every team wishes to achieve, not often do you see teams with these traits, but look no further because if there is one thing that tops all about our boys tennis team, is there heart and friendship. Throughout the ongoing season the boys have grown so much as players and embrace each other not only as a team, but as a brotherhood.  After talking to 3 of the teams players, it just furthers the understanding of how close this team is.

The first player interviewed was Jack Boynton, When Jack Boynton was asked about how he feels about his first year, he said, “I made it to the travel team so I feel like i’m really doing good for my first year of tennis”.  When asked what he would like to work on to further push his skills in game, Boynton said, “i’m looking to improve my backhand still and want to perfect my serving abilities, but my main thing is I want to try to keep the ball in play and have more rallies rather than quick points”.  When asked about the team chemistry, Jack gave a great answer saying,”our team is super focused on having fun and making great friendships throughout the season, we are all super close”.

The second interview was with Kade Spittler.  Spittler is a second year veteran for the tennis team.  When asked about his personal feelings about the season,  he said, ”I feel like I could be doing better considering its my second year playing but i’m holding my spot pretty well.  When asked about what he thinks he can improve on to better his game, he said,”I just need to work on being fully focused on the game, and I want to work on hitting the ball harder to get the opponent shaken up”.  When asked his view on the team together he said, “ we all get along really good honestly, we are all friends and we work well together and its alot of fun.

The third and final interview was Gavin Clark,  when Gavin was asked about how he feels about his personal ability this year he said,” i think i’m actually doing  pretty good for my first year and i’m looking to just keep getting better as we progress”. When asked about what he thinks he can improve on to evolve in the sport Gavin said,”  i’d like to really focus on working on my serve but really i just want to get better at the game. When Gavin was asked about the chemistry between the team and him, he said,” really, we are all so close and have all became good friends, uneven met some really close friends through tennis this year, it’s really awesome.  

One key factor that is being shown prominently is the bond that the players have made between each other.  There is a lot of progress that has been made for the team and their goal is just to have fun and progress steadily through the season.  The year is progressing and moving fast, and before you know it the season will be over so go and catch a game to see this team play hard and show there undeniably great chemistry together.  It’s great to see a team really having fun with what they do, because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is, did you have fun? And this team sure does have fun. Go catch a game, catch some rays, and watch this team play some great tennis.

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