SLVHS Golfers Strive for Greatness

“Golf can be tough at times but as long as you hang in there and make sure you’re having a good time, it will be a good day.” Gabriel Michaud said. This year the boys team does not have a big team, they only have nine players but luckily you only need six players to be able to compete. They do have some new players such as Garrett Fisher, a junior at the school. Garrett Fisher likes playing golf because it allows him to be free with just the ball and the wind. He also enjoys hanging out with his friend and teammate Tyler Dawson, who is also a junior here at SLVHS. They are both loving playing golf together this year.

The golf team has already had a total of eight matches this season and is doing fairly well so far. Even though they have lost a couple matches to Aptos they have  already beaten Soquel and St. Francis. However the boys team has had slight setbacks due to the ever changing weather, the boys practice has had to be canceled many times at Delaveaga Golf Course. When it rains, the golf course becomes too wet to practice on. This event has decreased the boys practice time which can affect how they do compared to other teams that have dryer golf courses.

Although in golf everyone competes by and for themselves, the SLV boys are still a team. Just like any other sports team, they support each other through everything; the wins and the losses. Even though the team has only been together for this season, they are already so close and trust each other. This year the team is trying and working on beating our school’s number one rival, Scotts Valley. Last year San Lorenzo Valley came in at third place for golf out of seven different schools in the district. This year they are working as hard as they can to beat Scotts Valley and get into second place. The first place team is Aptos which no one has ever really been able to beat due to them having such a strong boys golf team. The Aptos team practices 5 days a week and everyone on the team almost always shows up to every practice and fully commits to their team to support them. They are the number one team to beat but it is not likely that San Lorenzo Valley High School will be able to beat them.

Just last week the Masters tournament happened and in the top three there were two US players in first place and third place. The Masters tournament is a major golf tournament in Georgia that is part of the European tour, the prize money is $11,000,000 for whoever takes first. If you are someone in the golfing world, this is a major accomplishment or goal to have for the future. All of the boys on the SLV golf team strive for greatness and the skills that the competitors at Masters have. All in all, the boys golf team this year has been doing very well, but there is always room for improvement.


Photo of Wesley Bryan warming up at Masters

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