Attempted Terrorist Attack on U.S. Subway

New York City’s subway station was thrown into wavering uncertainty after a  Bangladeshi man named Akayed Ullah attempted suicide by bombing the Manhattan Times Square terminal during an early Wednesday morning on December 11, 2017. According to New York’s state police, “ The bomb, ( a body-worn improvised device ), was detonated in the subway’s passageway under, below the Port Authority bus terminal,” but this attempt at suicide and the intentional inflicted harm of the remaining passengers quickly backfired after the bomb went off, suddenly injuring four people with minor injuries mostly consisting of ringing ears and headaches. Ullah also suffered a non-life-threatening injury from this unexpected blast, but was rushed down to Bellevue Hospital on Manhattan’s East side suffering from the pain of serious burns to his hands and abdomen.

Later, after these few fundamentally unexpected moments of shock and trepidation, the busy terminal was being evacuated, and the area was temporary sealed off in order for the Counter-Terror police officers, fire trucks, and bomb squads to advance into the area. They successfully seized Ullah, and took him to the station while they disabled the bomb completely. The victims and families of the casualties affected by the seventh and eighth avenue strike are sticking together during this unexpected attack, and remaining strong in their belief that “The terrorists will not win; we will keep being the New Yorkers.”   They are all very pleased with the turn out and can only manage to “Thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals. Thank God our first responders were there so quickly to address the situation.” These survivors are an inspiration to our society today with all the entropy and chaos we now  as  united citizens face weekly.

The Chief Police of New York city discovered recently that the motive for this attempted suicide and the destructive fate of others was “all in the name of Isis.” He confirmed to our investigators that  “…he was angry over the killing of Muslims being [going on] around the world…”. When Ullah was asked how he got the bomb, he shockingly replied to the question by informing us that “…he watched Isis [‘s]  propaganda online and read other extremist writings, like the Al – Qaeda Propaganda  magazine inspire, and learned how to make the explosives online.” He was set in his ways of exploding both himself, and everyone around him but “…fortunately, the bomb was very low tech…” and “…did not have the desired effect,” explained Andrew Cuomo. Thankfully Propaganda magazines was not an easy to understand website, potentially saving the lives of hundreds riding the subway on that frightful morning.

Although this story brings many of us the feeling of sickness and incredulousness, this was not Akayed Ullah’s first attempts on assailment. Ullah used to be licensed as a New York City taxi river. He served this position from early March  2012, to late March of 2015. He had a troublesome time in this environment considering he had received “ several traffic tickets “ over the three years he apportioned the task of driving the yellow cab in New York’s Time Square.

Even though the evidence is accumulated up against Akayed Ullah and his attempts at both a self – immolation and the mass killing of others, he has pleaded not guilty last Thursday. Prosecutors went over what sort of evidence they intended to present for weeks; going over photographs of the scene, Ullah’s statements to the authorities after his arrest, fingerprints and the results of the past searches on his phone records, financial and travel records, laptop web history, his social media accounts, and home. Finally, they presented to him the documentation of the evidence built up against him but the “Bangladeshi immigrant, said little during his first appearance in federal court in Manhattan. Wearing blue jail-issued clothing, he said he understood the terrorism charges against him, and when asked by a judge if he had a plea, he responded, ‘At this moment, not guilty .’”  He is sticking by this claim and statement, the title of innocence.

by Katie Riggan

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