Wrestling Team Faces Challenges with Small Numbers

With the wrestling team about to kick off their 2018 season, they have realized that it may be harder than they thought with the small numbers on the team to be a challenge when it comes to larger schools. SLV is a small school so the numbers are not always there. Playing other, bigger schools makes it challenging and we may not have enough players to fill a weight class, so there could be a potential for a lot of forfeits throughout the season. As for the wrestlers, there is a lot of individual skill on the team, like Garrett Brooks who says, “I would like to take league, move to CCS and move up in weight class like the 180’s.” Wrestling is a team sport to an extent, because the team gets points off of individual players winning their matches. As for the will and drive of the team there’s potential – Garrett Brooks says,“There’s a lot of young talent and we’re bigger in size than past years which could give us an edge in future meets.”  Wrestling is a brutal sport when it comes to working out and perfecting your craft. You have to learn and practice moves, while trying to keep your weight down or up depending on what you are going for. Caylen Swan says, “The support from the coaches and staff is incredible, they push us even when we feel like quitting.” The wrestling team works their bodies to exhaustion, but they never give up, which takes a special kind of person.

According to Garrett Brooks,“We have done well in our tournaments, I think we are putting us in a good spot for league.” Doing good in the tournaments helps the players in practice both mentally and physically because wrestling isn’t 100% physical it is also mental. You’re one on one against somebody you most likely don’t know. When it comes to league Calen Swan says, “I think a big challenge this year for us will be Aptos, they are a big solid and a well coached team.” Beating Aptos may be a challenge but playing the sport is what you signed up for, there’s no point in playing a competitive sport if you aren’t challenged on your craft. According to Garrett Brooks,“ The coaches are fantastic, they push us, and if you want to get in shape than get in the wrestling room.” Well in a physical sport like wrestling there’s a lot you’ll need mentally and physically, wrestling isn’t all just strength it helps, but skill and endurance can take you a long way in the sport.

A big challenge for the team itself according to Calen Swan is,“ the team is small in numbers and we may not match up against other teams very well, like Aptos which means that kids are gonna have to step up and do more than one match per meet.” The small school makes for small teams, but if you’re a true competitor,you are always up for a little extra challenge – it just gives you all the more reason to push yourself harder in the weight room or on the mat.

As the season is about to take off the San Lorenzo Valley wrestling team is preparing for their first meet, as they train five days a week every day. Where there main goal is to take league and CCS.

by Collin Manley

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