SLVHS Girl’s Soccer Learns the Importance of Teamwork

It is all about teamwork when it comes to soccer. This year as the girls JV and Varsity teams start their soccer season they are working a lot on teamwork and specific drills to help with footwork and coordination. The varsity team has been working really well together but the fields that they have been playing on are not even so they are having a hard time while playing. So far 3 girls on the team have had to take a few weeks off due to ankle sprains. This becomes hard for the rest of the team and the coaches because they are down important players and they have barely started their actual season. If things continue the way they are going, the entire team will be out before the end of the season. I know this has been a problem in the past with they junior varsity girls and boys practicing on the baseball field. It is really important for schools to make sure that their fields are safe and able to be played on.

Sarah Jane Murphy, a sophomore on varsity says that she really enjoys playing soccer due to the pace of the game. Sarah says “It is neither too fast or so slow that it gets boring.” Playing soccer is just the right amount of running, because you do have to run a lot during the game but you also have enough time to catch your breath before you are off and running again. Soccer is always a good cardio workout so many of the teams practices have figured out ways to work on the players cardio while still having fun and working on skills for soccer.

It is always important in soccer to trust in your teammates and know that they have your back on the field. The goalie really has to trust in her teammates because if she does not, then she probably will not do well as a goalie. This can be hard since the teams are always changing with seniors leaving and freshman joining, however, both junior varsity and varsity do their best to connect with their new teammates each year. This helps a lot on the field when passing to each other and trying to communicate during a game. This year, varsity has two goalies. It is very helpful to have more than one goalie on a team because sometimes the goalies get hurt when trying to save a goal. Each player has their own specific job that they need to be really good at, but the best players can play any position because they are so well rounded and can take note of their teammates playing different positions and see what they do well and what  could be improved, that way, if they ever need to play that position they know what to do and how to adapt to it.

This year, for girls soccer, both junior varsity and varsity had full teams which is good because the last couple of years it was questionable weather there would be a junior varsity and varsity team. Because there are so many people playing soccer this year, a few freshmen girls are playing on varsity which is a really good opportunity for them because it allows them to play and practice with seniors and older players that typically have more experience.  So far they seem to be doing really well on the varsity team.

By: Simone Sutton

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