SLVHS Alumni Andy Levitre Injured

Andy Levitre was a San Lorenzo Valley alumni and professional football player who was recently injured on the field. An exceptional high school and college athlete,  Levitre was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the 51st pick overall in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft, and was the first college guard drafted. Since then he has become more recognized in the NFL, starting 141 of his 141 career games. From 2013-2015 he was drafted to the Titans for a 46 million dollar sign. From 2015- the present Andy has been signed to the Atlanta Falcons playing as starting guard for the first twelve games. Andy is a key part of the offense. He makes many powerful blocks to clear the way for the running back or to protect the quarterback. In 2016, Andy helped the falcons to the top of the NFC. “Andy Levitre is one of our toughest players.” says Dan Quinn the head coach of the Falcons. Despite his 6 foot 2 inches, 303 pound frame, he suffered a tricep injury in his game against the Vikings. He was out recovering from injury but was expected to be back. Andy was recovering from a partial tear in both of his triceps before the game against Carolina. Then his first game back within five plays against the Carolina Panthers he re-tore them both and is now on injury reserve. Injury reserve is the place where temporarily injured layers go, they are still signed on the team but are not eligible to play due to their injury or injuries.“Dealing with a torn triceps, Levitre tried to return for the season finale, but he lasted just five plays. Ben Garland will take over at left guard with Levitre out.” says Vaughn McClure, ESPN journalist. Being on injury reserve can surprisingly not touch his career. Andy will remain a part of the team and get paid. He will most likely have to have surgery on his triceps. After surgery Andy must immobilize his arm in a sling or a brace for two weeks, which means he won’t be able to do much, he will most likely have to have an aid or someone to help him with daily tasks. After those weeks conclude, he has to go to physical therapy and only do light exercise so his tendons have time to heal. These physical therapy exercises will be ones focused on helping the tendon heal and elbow mobility. Andy seems to be doing fine, joking around on Twitter about his Gucci slides that he made himself.

Without Andy helping them out as starting guard the Falcons are doing ok. They beat the Rams in the NFL wild card round, but then lost to the Eagles 10-15. It was a close game down to the last play but the Falcons just couldn’t get the pass off.

by Patrick Slayer

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