Mountain Biking Introduces New Team

San Lorenzo Valley… if there is one thing we have a lot of around here, is wilderness.  Why does that matter?Because it’s the season for the SLVHS Mountain Bike Team.

Mountain Biking is different from other school sports, consisting of individual work and more in the line of a cross country type sport than a traditional “team” sport.  Last year was a competitive year and they fought hard, and the new team intends to do as best as can they can to win for the school.

We interviewed Chris Zinievich about the upcoming season, asking him a few questions in regard to the team.  When asked about what his personal goals were he said that he is looking to keep up with the more fierce competition and do his absolute best to win. When asked about how he thinks the year will go he said that he is expecting to do very well – not counting on first place but will be striving to take it.  When asked about his coaching staff and if they have been a good help he said that all of his coaches are great and so dedicated and ready to help with anything.

This year the mountain bike team is looking to do good and get better.  The team is learning and putting their knowledge where it counts… out on the trails.  If you want to see a great competition and a fast-paced sport, go and see these students shred the trails and put their all into the sport they love. Hopefully we will see this team go far and kill it on the courses this year.

by Aden Rich

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