Tennis Player Kahlo Smith

Kahlo Smith, a senior this year, has been playing on the tennis team for three years now. She first got interested playing tennis when she was in middle school but didn’t play for the school until her sophomore year. This year was her first year as the tennis captain, and she loved it. She thought the team did really well this year with so many new people joining the team. The girls easiest match was their last one which was against Harbor. She says it was the easiest because they had worked so hard since they started the season. She is really proud to have been captain for her senior year with such a wonderful team. She said that she had an amazing three years at SLV.

Smith encourages everyone to at least try tennis because she says “it’s a really fun sport with a lot of flexibility and everyone just has fun”. As she finishes up high school, her most important advice to others is to take AP classes even if they are horrible and hard. She also says that it is very helpful to not be afraid to ask questions and if you’re homework isn’t finished, don’t be ashamed to ask for an extension. Smith loves her Modern Literature class this year and recommends students take it even though there is lots of homework.

Smith loves to draw and sketch images in her free time along with reading books. During her free period she studies Russian and writes in her notebooks. She loves to do anything with literature, reading writing or studying. She is really excited to go into college and her next chapter of life. She is always a happy, cheerful and kind person. When on the tennis team, Smith inspires everyone of her teammates to do the best they can and work as hard as they can. She not only encourages people and teammates to continue with sports but she also helps classmates persevere through homework and school in general. Smith is always supportive and there for people when they need a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to. Not only is Kahlo Smith a great tennis player but she is also a wonderful person to have as a friend.

By: Simone Sutton

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