SLV’s Student Directed Play, Museum

Step into the world of Museum, a comedic play that also gives us a unique view of art. Directed by two SLV seniors: Sampson Miller and Rowan Nicolett – Ray. The 19 cast members and 14 crew members have been working hard for over 2 months on this production, having at least 2 hours of rehearsal most everyday after school. Museum was written by Tina Howe and first premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre on April 29th, 1976. SLV’s production will run from October 26th until November 5th with shows at 7 pm and 2 pm at the Performing Arts Center, here at SLVHS.

Museum follows a security guard on the closing of the contemporary art show, “The Broken Silence.” This art show consists of pieces like white acrylic on white canvases, sculptures made of bones, and fake people hung out on a clothesline with a bucket of round-head clothespins, along with the actor’s actual pieces of art which are featured and for sale. The guard encounters many unique characters, some who are hysterical with their love for art, and some who come simply for the pleasure of mocking these art enthusiasts. With 40 characters and only 19 actors, some people were casted up to 3 rolls.

I interviewed some of the cast members such as Julia Poetzinger, a junior, about what it was like to work with the student directors for this play. “It was really nice working with Sampson and Rowan,” Julia stated. “The good thing about working with student directors is you have the opportunity to get to know them better, and it’s more intimate because the cast is smaller. You also get to see the more individual details of how people act because you’re more focused on each person.” One of the characters Julia played was, as she described it, “A college girl who is visiting the museum. While she is visiting she becomes attached to an art piece and becomes very passionate and loud in expressing how much she loves it. That kind of character is really fun to play because you can lose control.” I talked to another cast member, freshman, Maeva Hughes. I asked Maeva what she thinks makes theatre such an amazing outlet. She said, “I love the family that I have the opportunity to make through theatre and I also love being able to act like someone else and just really let go.”

The students of SLV have worked very hard and have come together to create something wonderful. Theatre has opened up an avenue for many people to express themselves, and I know many are extremely grateful for the opportunities it has provided for them.  

By Jill Miller

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