SLVHS Students Venturing Our during Thanskgiving Break

This year for Thanksgiving break, students are going on vacations to exotic places and were willing to share their thoughts. There are stories of fun adventures, cool places, and tons of excitement coming from the students, ready to be reunited with their families. The following students are: Erin Iwasyk, Zane Krikke, Caroline Rolander, Lindsey Peterson, Austen Solve, and Riley Mayo.   

Erin Iwasyk is going to Hawaii this Thanksgiving and couldn’t be more excited to get out into the warm air, but can’t help the feeling that on the plane there would be something that goes wrong. “What if like somebody like goes on the plane and like tries to kill me?” she says. She also fears the plane crashing into the ocean. She agrees with the statement that it makes her anxious but is still hopeful to push that fear aside and have fun with her family and wear the stylish matching outfits they have.

Lindsey Peterson is going to hang out with her family at her Grandmother’s house in Hollister. She is very close with her cousins and can’t wait to see them again this year. It’s a fun tradition they do, and she says she’s even more excited now because her Grandmother just put in a new pool. “I’m excited, because she got a built-in pool finally and so I think that’s going to be fun” she exclaims.

As for Caroline Rolander, she is going to hang out with her mom in San Diego. She couldn’t be more excited to go and have fun with her mom and go paddle boarding. Even though the drive is long, she is still excited to have fun. She doesn’t really have any traditions

Zane Krikke is going to take a fun trip down LA to visit his Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma. With the following question “Do you care?” Zane answered with a heartwarming response, “No I mean I care, because I love my family.” Along with visiting his family in LA every year, they all come together to sing a family song. When coming to an end with his interview, Zane decided he wouldn’t want to be doing anything else, besides hanging with his friends over Thanksgiving break.

Along with all these amazing Thanksgiving breaks we have a interview with Riley Mayo, with his fun thanksgiving in store. Riley is going to his mom’s friends house which he has done before. Riley did share that his emotion was sad, because all he wants to do is stay home and eat pizza. A tradition Riley shared was, “We watch the football game!” Along with Zane, Riley would also just like to hang out with his friends.

To finish our interviews we have Austen Solve, who is taking a trip up to Reno to go visit her Aunt and Uncle at their house, which is by a nice lake. Austen shared with us that she goes up there every year with her family and she is very excited because,\ her grandma and cousins might be joining them this time. A quick story that Austen hopes that doesn’t occur this year is the time where her Uncle’s dogs almost drowned by falling out of the boat, she ended her story with, “My dad saved them, by jumping in.. the water!” Luckily we were told that the dogs and father were safe, we all hope that this doesn’t happen again. Austen also said that it is very fun and she is super excited to go this year.

Everyone is having fun going places, but it isn’t a reason to be bummed, all peoples traditions and adventures they’ll have this Thanksgiving break is going to be fun. We hope you all have a fun break and celebrate Thanksgiving with your families.  

By Sabrina ValldeRuten and Karla Struthers 

Image by Karla Struthers

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