SLV Girl’s Golf Finishing with Strong Hearts

“The season was challenging yet a bonding experience”. Throughout her golf career at SLV it has been a roller coaster of seasons. Francis remarked, “Sadly we ended with a record of 0-8 and so far going to Betty’s Burgers after our game was the best team accomplishment and memory we have had. All of us have a great sense of humor”. These girls have created personalities together while on the team and will continue to off the course as well. “Our coach Shane Sutcliffe is one of my favorite coaches at SLV, possibly ever. He makes this experience better all around. The practices are very laid back and relaxed.”

Jillian also plays on the varsity girls softball team. In her junior year, they won every game but one which was unfortunately the game to go to CCS. The biggest accomplishment for the team was beating Carmel. “They were the best team in the league so far so beating them boosted our confidence levels for the rest of the season”.

Francis says she has no interest in trying to pursue a career in golf. “It was fun while it lasted,” she said, “but ever since I was five years old I have known what I wanted to do in my life”. Her number one choice to attend college at is Cal Poly. Her hopes are to either get a scholarship for softball or academics. She would like to study biology, behavior of animals and eventually have a career in veterinary. Overall Jillian has had an awesome experience and has created memories with the team and her coach Shane Sutcliffe.

by Tyler Costere

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