SLV Fitness Offers Crossfit and Friendly Environment

Looking for a place to call home? Look no further. SLV Fitness is a fitness and CrossFit gym located right off Highway 9 in Felton. This gym offers classes for ages 10 and up, and offers anything from light workouts, to competitive weightlifting. People of any size, age, or experience level are welcomed into this very family friendly environment. The moment you step into this gym, you feel a sense of welcomeness and a sense of security. The gym has a great family feel to it, which really allows anyone of any level or age to feel welcomed. This gym has an excellent selection of weights, dumbbells, barbells, and equipment. They are also equipped with 6 wind bikes, various boxes for jumping, rings, yoga balls, and resistance bands.

This gym recently gained a new owner, and the business has been booming. Although this gym has been very popular for a few years now, it’s only a matter of time until people learn about this hidden gem. The trainers at SLV Fitness are very well knowledge, and a very experienced in the fitness field. The staff can handle anyone from a 10 year old just wanting to stay healthy, to a high-level CrossFit athlete. The members of the gym are all very kind, supportive, and open for conversation. People of all ages and backgrounds can come to this gym to feel encouraged, welcomed, and pushed. The people around you always bring positive vibes and an upbeat energy.

The goal is for everyone to meet their own unique goal. Not everyone’s goal is the same, and that’s what makes it so special. Everyone is supported for who they are, and how they perform. The gym is a very tight-knit community, but after even one visit, you’ll be welcomed right in.

SLV Fitness is a great option for SLV athletes and all alike to gain strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle even through the offseason. The trainers here work with members one on one, so you truly get that personal connection and attention with each session. Whether your plan is benching 120 or gaining flexibility and mobility, the trainers can create a special workout just for you. There is no need to feel unprepared, or nervous when attending your first lesson, all the people are nothing but encouraging. You’ll be pushed hard, but never brought down. Freshman Izaiah Luna says “the gym is an awesome place to get fit, learn on working hard, maintaining speed, and interacting with people.” Luna says the people are all very comforting and the pricing is affordable.

This gym is a great way to get in touch with others in the community, and a great way to be your best self. The more healthy and active you arel  help you excel in all other aspects of life. It also creates a positive balance in your schedule. This local business brings so much joy, happiness, and positivity to our community here in the Valley. This gym will for sure bring many more years of quality service, and keep the people of our community happy and healthy.

by Madison Reger

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