Hurricane Irma Leaves Thousands Without Power In Florida

The residents of Florida return home to shocking aftermath of Hurricane Irma. More than forty percent of Florida is still in need of electricity. Due to the extent of damage caused by the hurricane, Krebs said, “This will be a situation about rebuilding, instead of simply repairing damaged power infrastructure.” As well as loss of power, outside communication remains an issue due to cellular disruptions.


Robert Gould, the chief communications officer of FPL ( Florida Power and Light), explains that, “We understand what it means to be in the dark.” and added “We understand what it means to be hot and without air conditioning. We will be restoring power day and night.” He also acknowledges, “This is going to be a very uncomfortable time.”

This irritation plays out in homes that were silent without the everyday thrum of the continual air conditioning issues. Refrigerators are unable to keep milk cool, and there’s no clean laundry. This situation is potentially life threatening in a state where temperatures can range from warm to blistering hot.

Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke said, “Nearly 22,000 federal personnel are in Florida to handle the long and challenging road ahead.”and, “A storm of this magnitude needs team effort.”

Miami Beach homeowners are allowed to return home to assess the damage done by Hurricane Irma. Hungry citizens across the state are currently looking for restaurants and stores that still have power to collect their supplies. Miami Beach homeowners are allowed to return home to assess the damage done by Hurricane Irma. Among them are Lyle and Lydia Calhoun, a couple eager to return home. “We’ve been waiting an hour…We’re tired, we’re dirty and we want to go home.” Lydia explained to Fox News.

Power and supplies were a major issue after Hurricane Irma hit. But even for the few who still acquired power are having problems maintaining internet and cellular access, sending them into nearby communities in order to attain some service to contact their loved ones.

Duke Energy Florida company employee explains, “It would take some time before all of them had electricity again.” The company promised that “they would restore power to most customers by Sunday” (a week after Irma first his Florida). However,some areas have received higher damage and could take longer to rebuild.
by Katie Riggan

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