Girl’s Water Polo Believes in Their Talent

Girls water polo season is underway and is sounding like they are set on going all the way this year.  Jillian francis, as well as fellow captain macey parmenter, both commented on the great talent on the team, and the good reliability on all the players, as well as commenting on the coaches drive to win and their own personal drive to  help this team go to CCS.  jillian  stated that she is feeling optimistic about their season and is very confident in their sturdy lineup, he also has to say that his coach is a bit of a freak, but in a good way.  I also talked to one of the goalies on the team, hannah hart  on her thoughts, he says That they are off to a great start being undefeated in league play so far and proudly mentions his strong team,  He thinks very highly of his coach stating that he is the best coach ever and is very happy with him.  

Blake’s personal goal this year is to, if they make it to CCS, start on the CCS roster.  So it seems like all positive remarks for this years varsity water polo team.  With all commenting on feeling very confident  on the rest of their team and their ability to do work.  And seems like head coach, Aidan McCown is doing a great job with these boys and is making a great impression.  The team’s schedule is always posted on the SLVHS website and shows you all you need to know about the games for the rest of their season.

We look forward to watching this team go far and play their hearts out.  Let’s see if they can go all the way this year.  Good luck, GO Cougars.


JV boys water polo is here and prepared to make some waves this season.  I interviewed a few of the JV water polo players and asked them to answer a couple questions about this year’s season and team. Nolan alisago when asked if the team seemed to be working well together, he stated that its going well and they are working well together but would like to improve on communication but feels confident on the skill level of his fellow teammates.  I talked to Zane krikke and he stated when asked about how he felt about the season he feels really good about the season so far and is pretty happy with his personal performance so far.  He talks highly of his coach and says he is very fair and gives everyone equal play time and has a lot of fun with the boys .  Zanes personal goal for this season is to score 7 goals in one game in order to beat his older brother Zander Krikke’s personal record as well as to remain a starter on the JV roster.

When I talked to new player Luke Johnson about the how he feels about water polo.  He told me that he loved it, He’s so happy with his experience so far and states that it helps him get in shape fast to help him with his other sports. He also says that it is really great fun with his friends and a great place to build new friendships on the team which just makes it twice as enjoyable. He feels very confident with his teams athleticism and how they will strive to do great this year.  If you would like to watch these games in action go to the athletics page on the SLVHS website and find out when and where their games will be.  Lets hope for a great year, good luck.  And go cougars!


by Aden Rich

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