An Inside Look at Sidney Williams

Do you remember what you were doing in 6th all the time? Well, Sidney Williams remembers what she was doing, she was playing volleyball. Sidney is in 12th grade and has been playing since 6th grade. That’s seven years she has been playing. After seven years of playing volleyball, you are definitely going to pick up a lot of knowledge. Her teammate Hailey Lang said, “Sidney brings a lot of excitement to the team because she is always being positive and she is very funny”. Sidney was the varsity volleyball captain this year.

After seven years of playing Williams says that she doesn’t regret a single year of playing. She was asked how her experience had been this year and she said, “My experience was really good. I had a lot of fun and shared many laughs with all of my teammates.” This year the girls had a pretty difficult season. They won 1 and lost 11 games. Williams said the easiest team to beat was Scotts Valley and the hardest team to play was Soquel. She said that at the beginning of the year the girls struggled but as the season went on they started to work together more and they improved a lot. She was asked how she thought her personal improvement was and she said “I felt like I improved a lot throughout the season. I played the best I have ever played before during the season. I slowly improved throughout the year but I did improve a lot.” She told me that she loved bonding with the team but she really hated losing.

Sidney has many other hobbies besides volleyball. She loves to play baseball and she loves ceramics and just any type of arts and crafts. After high school, Sidney plans on focusing on academics and going to a university to later on become a lawyer

by Reid Olmsted

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