A guide on How to Overcome the SAT’s

The SAT is considered to be a series of the hardest tests you will take in high school. The test is the way colleges look at you, and the difference between a good SAT score and a bad score is everything to a graduating student looking for a college to attend.

Most students study for this difficult test but they all have different ways of studying for it. After asking around the school a little bit, most people study using flashcards or online flashcards (Quizlet). Others attempt to study by just using a piece of paper; trying to memorize all the important information.

Simone Sutton, only a sophomore took the SAT this year for her biology class. She said it was difficult but she studied for it very hard and thinks she did well. Although Simone is only a sophomore, she took the SAT for biology this year for some good reasons. “I took the SAT this year because I didn’t want to forget any important information about it which may have happened if I waited to take the test senior year. Saving all my notes from freshman year, when I took the class helped a lot for studying.” Although she was very worried about taking the SAT this year, she seemed to pull it off and do great.

Most people take the SAT as a senior. Aidan Burke took the SAT this year, as a senior. Aidan was nervous for the test but also studied all year for it. Most days after school he would at least study a little, and eventually, all the studying added up. “I was very prepared for the test. I was sick the day I took it, which made it more difficult than expected, but it worked out in the end.” He stated that out of all the portions of the SAT, the worst was the math part by far. “The math part of the test was terrible, but the very worst part of the whole SAT is that it’s timed. It is very stressful when the people who organize the test call out how many minutes are left before we have to turn the test over and stop where we are. If they call out ‘five minutes left’ and you’re not done, I suggest to just begin guessing all the rest of the answers, because they don’t count all the questions you get wrong, but instead all the questions you get correct.”

In order to be fully prepared for the SAT, it helps to have some experience taking similar tests. Everyone that was asked stated that the very best way to be prepared to the full extent of the test is to take the PSAT. Hunter Avilla, a sophomore, took the PSAT along with the rest of the sophomores this year. He explained that this year the class of sophomores were very lucky, and money was donated so everyone one in tenth grade had the ability to take the PSAT without paying. “I took advantage of this kind donation and took the PSAT. I studied for a long time and the experience was great. Now that I have taken the PSAT, I feel much more prepared for the SAT. I am also planning on taking the PSAT next year. That way I could know what I need to study before taking the SAT.“

The SAT can be very difficult, and all three of these test takers agreed that the best way to be prepared for the test is to study. There are also many different ways to study for the SAT. Simone used flashcards and kept all her old notes, Aidan studied a little bit each night to make it all add up, and Hunter took the PSAT and is planning on taking it again next year before taking the SAT. With these SAT tips, taking the test should be a whole lot easier.

By Atara Miller

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