The New iPhone 8: Is It the Phenomenon It’s Marketed As

iPhone 8: is it i-phony or i-phenomenal? The iPhone 8 offers all-new glass design, the world’s most popular camera, and the smartest most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. Is it good enough to make us want to trade in our iPhone 7’s?

The iPhone 8 looks almost identical to the iPhone 7. They have practically the same dimensions, display size, button and port locations, and like the iPhone 7 there is unfortunately no headphone jack. They key difference between the two visually is the glass back of the iPhone 8. This is not the first iPhone to feature a glass back: the iPhone 4 also had glass back but Apple ditched it with the iPhone 5.

When asked what the biggest difference is between the iPhone 8 compared to other iPhones sophomore Quinn Herzon says, ¨The biggest difference I noticed with my phone is the battery life.¨ The iPhone 7’s battery has been tested to last 7h 46min. However the iPhone 8’s battery life is 8h 37min. And even better is that the iPhone 8 Plus has been tested to have a 10h 35min battery life! That is 25% better than the iPhone 8.

Another quality that makes this phone stand out from the other iPhones is the improved camera. Junior Natalia DuVernois said that ¨The best quality of the iPhone 8 has to be the camera. Every picture I take looks like it was taken on a professional camera.¨ The iPhone 8 upgraded its Sony sensor, which has so called ¨deeper¨ pixels, and is more power efficient. But for the most part the raw specs look the same as the iPhone 7.

Even though it would seem like most people would want to buy the new iPhone 8, a lot of people really do not. What is the point of buying this phone when you can have almost the exact same one with the iphone 7? Both Herzon and DuVernois agreed that the two phones are almost identical except for the glass back, better camera, and longer battery life. For some people that might be enough for them to head right to the apple store and purchase this phone. Others just expected more.

Ultimately it is up to you and what you prioritize in a phone to make the decision on whether or not you would like to upgrade to the iPhone 8. For some people, it might be a good choice for them and their needs and for others they might be perfectly fine with their iPhone 7’s, and there is no need to go spend money on the iPhone 8. iPhone’s have been the most iconic phone out there for years and hopefully they will continue to make new phones that wow us.

By Camryn Hipwell

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