San Lorenzo Valley High School Comes Together as a Family for Homecoming

During the last week of September, the entire San Lorenzo Valley high school comes together as a family, eulogizing the school with spirit. Between the week filled with celebratory spirit days, the commemoratory rally, and the enjoyable homecoming dance, the school did a great job with this year’s homecoming. “I really liked how everyone came together and had a fun time,, I felt very excited about the entire experience the week before everything. I loved the experience and how the school did everything” says Tulsi Carroll.

Alura Neil had a fabulous time at homecoming. She, along with many others, thought homecoming was fun because she got to dance with her friends, and best of all acquired to dress up. “I looked bomb,” says Alura “And i felt tall cause i got the opportunity to wear heels, for a second.” Most people preferred and enjoyed the dance more than the other activities involved with homecoming. The only semi-negative thing said about the dance was that the music could of possibly  been better. “The music could have been better, I didn’t even know a lot of the songs.” says Tulsi Carroll. Also, Alura says, “the music could have been better, most were not dancing songs.” Another student says, “the music at homecoming could have been better but I liked how much everyone got into it”.

Spirit week was also a big hit among the students. Alura Neil, liked Throwback Thursday the best, as again she says, “i looked bomb”. But most people said they loved dressing up and getting into the school spirit. Another student also thought Throwback Thursday was their favorite, “Throwback Thursday [is my favorite] because of the clothes everyone wore and the way I got to dress up”.

The rally was another big part of homecoming. Lots of people from the school came together in the gym and had a super fun time with each other. Laughing and smiling in the midst of all the school spirit.  “I liked cringing at the freshman lip sync. And hearing about the homecoming court,” says one student. Mostly everybody’s favorite part of the rally was the homecoming court and everyone’s school spirit.

Then, there was the outstanding win for the cougars in their homecoming game. “Being a jersey girl was fun, the cougar spirit was great, red sea was fun to be apart of, happy that we won,” says Alura. With the final winning score against Pacific Grove 29-3 for the Varsity football team.  Another student says, “I liked being a part of the red sea and how much everyone participated in the cheering and homecoming court I liked how they won.” Overall this year’s homecoming was spectacular with many good outcomes. It brought many smiles and more happy and exciting days, and almost everyone liked this year’s homecoming better than any other!

By Kenna Carney

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