Pecan Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: The Two Best Holiday Pies

It is October! We have entered Fall and this month was filled with many great changes and events including our beloved holiday Halloween. We are also approaching holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and what better way to celebrate these holidays than with pie! Some of the most common pies in the fall season include Pumpkin, and Pecan pie. Although we all love these pies because they are all very delicious, we wanted to know the opinion on which pie the students at San Lorenzo Valley love the most. A junior named Keifer Gambelin from our high school said the following on his opinion of which of these two amazing and delicious pies he enjoys the most, “Pumpkin pie is substantially tastier than its competitor Pecan pie. The flavor is much bolder, creamy and delightful.” Pumpkin pie seems to be the favorite of many people at this school, sixty-nine percent of the students at San Lorenzo Valley High said that Pumpkin pie was their favorite out of these two delightful desserts. Although many love Pecan pie for its sweet flavors, only about fifteen percent of students said that they thought Pecan pie was better tasting than Pumpkin. On the other hand, nine percent of the students said that they have not tried Pecan pie, and another seven percent said that they have not tried either! We have another student that shared his opinions on his preference between Pumpkin pie and Pecan pie. Sophomore, Zack Kanter said, “I prefer Pumpkin pie over Pecan pie. First of all, whenever Pecans are involved there’s always an argument over how to pronounce it. But Pumpkin pie is just Pumpkin. Bam there’s one point to Pumpkin pie. Also, it just tastes better to me and helps me get into the holiday spirit. While Pecan pie just has some nuts and stuff.” Pumpkin pie seems to be preferable at our school and our students are giving us many reasons as to why! It’s wonderful that people are getting into the Fall spirit, and what better way to celebrate it all than with Pecan and Pumpkin pie!

By David Halberstadt

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