Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Consist’s Mainly of Younger Players, But Morale is High

What have you been doing in your free time for the past five years? Well, varsity player Mia Metoyer has been doing. She has been playing volleyball for her schools and for a travel club team. Currently, Mia is playing for the school’s Varsity Volleyball team as a sophomore. With playing for both of these teams she basically plays nine months out of the year. When someone plays volleyball nine months out of the year for five years that someone will acquire some knowledge of the game. She was asked how she thought her team was doing so far this year and she responded by saying ” I think we have been doing good, working as a team we have the potential to win every game there are just some key aspects we are failing at but other then that we are doing good, there have been some tough bumps in the road but we are still working every day to try and get better and get some more wins”. So far this season the girl’s record stands at 1-6.

The girls have 14 players on their team. They have no freshman, 2 sophomores, 6 juniors, and finally 6 seniors. Being just one of two sophomores on the team you would think it would be intimidating playing with all upperclassmen well, sophomore Hailey Lang was asked what an expectation was for her at the-the beginning of the year and how did she meet that expectation. Lang said ” an expectation for me at the beginning of the year was to have fun with the girls and win some games and I have accomplished that expectation I think because I have had a blast playing on this team, it has been a great opportunity for me. With the thing about winning games, I think we have struggled but we are working to get better so we can win some of these upcoming games but I think just having a great time with all of my teammates is the most important thing.” Then there was a follow-up question for both of them. It was what made you play this year and Mia Metoyer said “ I wanted to play this year because I have such a love for this game and I really wanted to be able to meet the girls on the team and be able to play with them” Then Hailey Lang said “ I wanted to play this year because I played volleyball last year and it was a lot of fun and so I wanted to play again this year”.

Junior Zoe Mendez was asked how she thinks both sophomores are doing because of her team mainly juniors and seniors. Mendez said, “ I think both girls have helped us tremendously on this team, and they are a great teammate to have, they are both funny and make me laugh”. Mendez said her favorite thing about this year was “[the people on the team] are so funny and they are also very fun to play with. One of my favorite things is the practices because we play a lot of fun games that help us for the games. Also, I love the games so basically I love all the aspects of volleyball.

By Reid Olmstead

Photo by SLV Parent

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