Girl’s JV Water Polo Team Builds on Each Others Trust

The league that the varsity girls are in is really good, but competitive, so it is really been challenging for the team. Katie Lozier says that the team is really good at encouraging each other even if they are losing badly. They try to keep each other’s spirits high and keep everyone going. They love to play together are know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Overall as a team Katie Lozier says that they really need to work on their shooting, because most of the team members don’t try to take shots, but when they do, they usually make it. She really thinks that if the team could work more on shooting that they could win one of their last games.

The coaches Julia Ayers and Veronica Vickers both help the girls a lot by teaching them new skills and perfecting older and more basic skills. Not only do the girls encourage each other but the coaches also encourage the team to do their best and work together.

Like every team, nothing is perfect, the girls varsity water polo team also has some bumps. Not all the girls work together as well as others. Some people are more comfortable with each other then others are, so this puts a little dent in communicating and trusting each other. In order to really work as a team they need to learn to trust and rely on each other for support when each player needs it, especially in a game.

Junior water polo player, Emily Hackett, says that the team is really close this year and they are really working hard to communicate well with each other while in the pool. She says that it can be hard to communicate and understand each other well in the pool because of the noise. Emily is really hoping that the team can pull together to win their last few games or at least close the point gap in the scores of their last games. The team is really strong with their defense this year but they still need to work on their offense and shooting.

From the start of the season when they were doing two practices a day, to now, they have changed a lot and learned how to work with each other and to communicate well well in the pool and during games.everyone on the team is very happy and sad that the season is ending, but happy to have worked with such amazing people and players.

By Simone Sutton

Photo by Simone Sutton

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