Boys JV Football Lose Against Pacific Grove, But Still AHead 3-2

The boys Jv Football team has lost their last 2 games against Pacific Grove high School and Carmel High school. The Pacific grove game was a home game with a score of 31-20 Pacific Grove. Carmel defeated SLV 47 to 14 at Carmel. R.J. Kindred remarked, “We need to work on strengthening the offensive  line so I can have more time in the pocket before having to scramble.”

The Junior Varsity team is currently positive with 3 wins and 2 losses. Coming into the regular season Chris Markey said, “We were not prepared for our first league game.” The Junior Varsity team went into the regular season having not played a game in over a month. The Junior Varsity team is not letting those losses bring them down. The Junior Varsity team plays King City in King City on Friday October 13 at 5:00. The team has low numbers when it comes to players being able to sub in and out but they also have a lot of young talent and skill. The players on the Junior Varsity team wants to be there. Chris Makery loves “Cracking people and the adrenaline of running the ball” .To play football you have to have a drive and a will to play because it is not easy. It is unlike any other sport. Kindred “I love the contact, you can’t get it in any other sport I also like being apart of a team” Football is a team sport you can’t rely on one person it’s like a car if you don’t have gas you can’t run if you don’t have tires you can’t move it builds trust and teamwork knowing that the guy next to you has your back.

Football requires a lot of commitment and heart, you have to prepare to go to war and that requires a lot of conditioning and practice. Sometimes it brings kids to their breaking point to the point where they quit. According to Chris Markey “ It’s good that the coach works us hard it keeps us prepared and shows who’s willing to put in the effort and keep coming”. Most Junior Varsity players are excited for their last league game against Slv rivals Scotts Valley if you play football for slv junior varsity no one likes Scotts Valley. The Junior Varsity team has four league games left two at home and two away. They play King City, RLS, Soledad and Scotts Valley. The Junior Varsity’s goal is to win the rest of the league games and try and make it to the playoffs.  

By Collin Manley

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