JV Girls Water Polo’s Greatest Asset is Communication

This year as the JV Girls Water Polo team heads to an end, the girls are really working hard to get their first win. Callie Solberg, a sophomore that has been playing polo for two years, says that the entire team does everything they can to learn to communicate and work as a team. She says that everyone on the team is really good but they have a hard time communicating while playing in a game, however she is optimistic about the ending of the season, as they have been working really hard to become better.  All the girls on the team are becoming better and better with each practice, and that is really what it is all about, learning new skills and perfecting the basics. The girls JV coaches are Mike Ayers and Kurt Edwards, they both push the girls to do their best and work together, because it is all about teamwork in water polo.

The girls JV water polo team is smaller this year than it was last year, but sometimes smaller is better because it can be easier to get to know the other girls and that is very important when you are on a team. Everyone needs to feel comfortable with everyone on the team so they can work with and depend on each other in a game. Hopefully by the end of the season all the girls will feel much better about communicating during a game. It is hard to play and work well with people if you have never played with them before, this is happening due to all the knew freshman every year, but nevertheless, the girls are all trying their hardest.

The season ends on the 19th of October and from now on, the team will only play other schools that they have already played this season. Kaylo Zubey, a sophomore that has been playing for both years as well, says that she is happy about this because the whole entire team now knows how each and every team plays, which can be very helpful when planning how to play the game. She thinks they have a very good possibility of winning at least one game before the season ends, if they can all work together as a team during the games.

Most of the team is freshmen, only four girls are not. This year the team is half the size of the JV team last year. This makes a huge difference because everyone gets way more tired and this makes it harder to win during games. Many people on the team are not great friends so it is hard to work together.

With the last two weeks of water polo season rapidly disappearing, the girls are struggling to win at least one game this season, but they were all super happy to get water polo T-shirts this year which lifted their spirits somewhat.

By Simone Sutton

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