Girl’s Tennis Team Experience’s New Additions

“Since this is my first year on the team, I am not setting high standards for myself or the team simply because I do not know what they are capable of yet,” says Brook Weder. The girls start the season off slow by losing all matches in the first half of the season. No matter how many points or matches these girls lose, they still put everything they have into it by battling each point they play.

Ruth Main, another new addition to the team says “The actual technique and strategy of the game is the most difficult thing I have faced so far”. The first-timers on the team are learning something new every time they play. Unfortunately, the girls have to practice at Highlands Park in Ben Lomond because they are rebuilding the courts at the school. Veteran and returning player Kelsey Duncan says “This season we definitely improved, more than last year but we still have so much progress to make.” According to Duncan’s teammates, she is one of the most skillful and advanced players on the team.

Sarah Hanson, Kelsey Duncan, and their partners were the only girls to win two doubles matches in separate tournaments this season. No players will be graduating this year so they will all be ready to start next season with a bang. New player Olivia Lapioli says “Throughout the season I have taken a lot of life lessons with me, mostly teamwork and confidence.” These girls have all bonded together and will continue to improve as a team. They will take this year and go into to next year with more experience, technique, strategy, and confidence.  

By Tyler Costere


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