Girl’s Golf Players Hoping for a Triumphant End to the Season

As the season progresses, the girl’s golf team pushes forward in the season, looking to become stronger, get better, and strive for a great season.  Some of the main aspects to look for this season is the constant improvement and seeing these girls put in the effort to do good and play their hearts out. Alongside the outstanding coaching of Shane Sutcliffe, it’s fair to say this could be a stand out season for them.  It seems like the girls really are putting in the work, so we all hope the best outcome for them.

As for Christina Reason, when asked about how the season was going she claimed it has been steady and believes that the team is doing well overall.  Although she does think that there is room to improve and that she will be putting effort into upping her game.  When asked about if there is anything she has learned this year that has really elevated her game was she has taught herself to work under pressure and stay calm in stressful situations.  She is excited for the rest of her season and hopes to improve her game as well as help push the team forward.

Maycie Parmenter, when asked the same question of what is something you’ve learned this year that has really affected your game she answered, “staying low has really helped my swing and my overall game.”  And when asked about her team and how she thinks the season is going she answered with a pretty similar answer.  She believes that the team and herself could improve on their game but can say that the season is going well and is happy to go on and test her skill.  Her goal this season is to make herself better and try her best to help her team go strong this year.  

In the interview of Jillian Francis, she believes that the team is looking strong and has high expectations for the season later on.  She said that she has a good confidence in herself and is looking to improve and excel in her game to bring the team to victory. She is looking forward to the rest of the games and can’t wait to go out on the green and play.

All these girls seem very excited to play and compete in the sport they love.  This year seems promising for them as well with Shane Sutcliffe showing his coaching skills and bettering these girls in their craft.  With the season winding down these girls will do their very best to end strong and push harder than ever.  If you haven’t gone out to see these athletes play already then go catch them before they end their season.  Hopefully by having a great record that they can look back on the rest of their lives.

Go out and support these girls, cheer them on, and watch them play their game and dominate the competition.  Coach Sutcliffe and the members of the girl’s golf team are going for the win this year and are going to be a sport to watch and enjoy this year.  Go watch them play before it’s all over and done with.  Good luck, and go Cougars!

By Aden Rich


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