The squiggly eyebrow trend that is blowing up all over social media

“Squiggly Brows” are one of the most bizarre beauty trends popping up on the internet right now. This new trend seems to be a replacement for the “feather eyebrow” trend that was popular earlier this year. A beauty blogger that goes by the Instagram name of @PromiseTamang posted a photograph of herself on August 21st showcasing the new style. This post went viral and caused hundreds of people to try the new trend themselves.

If you want to try this eyebrow trend on yourself, read the end of the article for a tutorial on how to accomplish this new look. Squiggly eyebrows started showing up on multiple beauty pages on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many other social media sites. Soon, the regular day-to-day girl started rocking this new interesting look as well. Most people seem to disapprove of this new beauty trend that is gaining rapid popularity, but there are some who accept it and think that it is a great way for people to express themselves through makeup. Brook Weder, a sophomore says: “Ok so, I personally wouldn’t be down to do my eyebrows like that. Like I feel it’s not something practical for me. But I’m not one to judge what makes someone feel beautiful or confident in themselves. I believe that if  a person wants to make a statement and doing their eyebrows like that is it, then they should go for it and be happy. As long as they do it for themselves and no one else’s approval.” Other students, like Mason Buchanan, a Junior, say: “I don’t like this at all. Is that an actual trend? What the heck, that’s really freaky, like how do you get them like that?”

Students seem to have different opinions on this new trend, and although a few students believe this new squiggly eyebrow trend to be a great way for people to express themselves, most students seem to have a negative view towards it. Another sophomore, Adrian Cyr says, “That’s the stupidest thing ever; It’s so dumb. Is that an actually trend? I thought it was a meme at first.” There have been many other negative comments towards this new beauty trend, and few people appear to enjoy it compared to other, more mainstream trends.

The new squiggly eyebrow look is easier to achieve that what you would expect. If you are one of the few people that enjoy this look, and would be interested in trying out this new eyebrow trend on yourself or others (or your dog), you will need 3 simple tools: Glue, Eyebrow Pencil, and Concealer that matches your skin color. The glue should be applied to the eyebrows to hold the hairs in place, that way they can be molded to make a squiggly shape. The humps can be as large, short, or long as you want them to be. The next big step would be to use an eyebrow pen to make the curves longer, creating a more defined and noticeable squiggle, and also used to fill in areas of the eyebrow that are too light in color, and match them to the outside pen. The final step, which is optional, would be to use a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it to the outside of the eyebrows. This way the eyebrows look much more natural, and it is harder to notice the eyebrow pen or hairs that did not mold properly to the squiggly shape. This new trend has the internet going crazy, and it just might start being popular at our very own school.

By David Halberstadt

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