Stories of some of the enjoyable summer memories people had in 2017

People at San Lorenzo Valley High School had many interesting stories, adventures, and exotic vacations over the summer. For some, this summer was full of tons of exploits, and for others, it consisted of mostly lazy days and lots of Netflix and potato chips. Some played sports almost every day, and some were even stuck at summer school.

Alura Neill did a lot of traveling over the summer. For a softball tournament, she got to go to Colorado. She played for the first half of the trip, but also got to go white water rafting. She also went to Ohio for the first time. She saw fire-flies, watched a Reds game, and went to Kings Island, which is a very neat amusement park. She also went to Big Sur for a week. There she camped and had a lot of fun with friends and family. The adventures didn’t stop there! She went to Mexico to help out a turtle sanctuary where she collected the turtle eggs on the beach so poachers could not get to them. For Alura, this summer was a very exciting experience. “It was a fun and great experience” she says.

Mia Torres also did many fun things this summer. She went to Maine to see family, and Shasta to go tubing. She also went Tahoe to watch her sister’s dance competition. Recently, to wrap up the summer, there was a Big Lana Del Rey concert in San Francisco, that a few people from San Lorenzo Valley High School went to. “I really enjoyed it, it was so much fun. She sounded exactly like her songs on the recordings,” says one sophomore girl. The only downside of this concert was the merchandise, which reportedly “wasn’t great”.

Christian Carney had a mostly uneventful summer, the most exciting thing being that he went to tons of morning workouts. Sadly, he hurt his back, so he trained with his dad at the gym until he was well enough to start training with the team full time again. He worked at his grandma’s house just doing yard work after football to make money. He also got his license, like many kids who go to San Lorenzo Valley High School. He thinks getting his license was very fun. “It was life changing because I could drive myself places without having to rely on my parents.” He also hung out with a lot of friends. “I hung out with my friends, and this one girl” he says. But mostly he was just lazy all summer, which sounds pretty great after a long year of school and before a hard year of school work coming up. He recalls that “I was lazy all summer, and I enjoyed sleeping in bed all day.”

Another student of San Lorenzo Valley High School, Cami Johnson, had a super fun summer. She went to the Khalid concert with her good friend Natalia. She says, “It was crowded, and hot, but fun”. She also went camping and to Trinity Lake with her family, where the heat was overwhelming, over one hundred degrees every day. Cami also visited Lake Tahoe for her friend Kiana’s soccer tournament.

Tasina Westberg had a fantastic summer and went to many exotic places. She went to Paris and Alsace, France; Berlin, Germany; and Stockholm, Sweden this summer. In France, she was an exchange student with sixteen other students from SLVHS! She stayed in the North of France for one and a half weeks and then went on to Paris for three days. “The exchange trip was the absolute highlight of my summer, and I made a lot of new friends, as well as becoming more fluent in French!” says Tasina. Then she went to visit her family in Sweden, where she spent a lot of time in downtown Stockholm, which she describes as: “One of my favorite places in the world.” She also went to  her “wonderful friends and family in Germany” in Nurnberg, “my old home”. She also went on a quick three day trip to Berlin with her grandparents.  “Berlin was gorgeous, but busy.” she says. After about one and a half months in Europe, she returned to Santa Cruz, and then her best friend from Germany came to visit her for a week, like every year. “All the places I went to this summer were a wonderful traveling experience and I always discover more every year” says Tasina Westberg. All of these people had so much fun this summer and have many great stories! Great summer!

Image: Alsace, France via Alsace Tourism

By Kenna Carney

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