Smith and Chapman lead a new generation of girls tennis players this season

This year the girl’s tennis team seems off to a good start but some of the players are a little skeptical about not having any power players. Although there are several new players joining the team this year, they are in need of players that can make hard power shots. Last year there were several seniors and a couple other people that were very good at making those powerful shots. This year the team does not look like it has any power players. This does not mean that they will do bad, but sometimes it can be helpful to have someone on the team that can serve really fast and hard so that other players cannot return it.

Mr. O’brien, the head coach is always an optimistic, happy and cheerful person so hopefully, he will be able to give some of his energy into his team along with the new assistant coach, Matt McGee. One sophomore, Katie Riggan, says “Mcgee is really really sweet and patient with all of the people that are still learning to play. I think he is going to be a really wonderful assistant coach.”  

There are so many new team members this year, it will be interesting to see how they do in their first match. It is September 12th at Imperial Tennis Club in Aptos, but it counts as a home game. As of now, all the girls are trying their hardest to learn how to serve and return serves as well. Some will be playing doubles and some will be playing singles. It is really important in doubles to be in tune with your partner, and be able to communicate and work well together.  Even if the school team does not have any power players so far this year, that does not mean that they won’t crush the other teams. With the new recruits, they could have a chance of doing fairly well without any power players, as long as they work together. It is very important to also listen to the team captains, Kahlo Smith and Julia Chapman. They have both been playing throughout their high school years and are very good, but they still need guidance from their coach Mr. O’brien.

Kelsey Duncan, a sophomore that has been playing for two years now says “Mr. O’brien is getting better at coaching, he usually works with the more advanced girls to get them match ready.” Kelsey Duncan is very positive about her coaches and teammates. She says “When you start at the bottom, the only way to go is up.” This is a very good way of thinking and will help her train harder because she strives to be a better player. She is hoping to work more on her powerful backhand so she can really beat the other team.

Sarah Jane Murphy, a first-year tennis player says “It can be hard to play singles because I am not always prepared to hit the ball at the place I am in. When I am playing doubles it is a lot easier because I can work with my teammate to return the ball. The assistant coach, Matt Mcgee is also very helpful during practices.” This year could be a great year.

By: Simone Sutton

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