SLV Varsity Water Polo hopes to start the season off with a splash

With summer ending and fall starting a new and competitive girls varsity water polo season is starting. The girls have already been going for a solid month and a half of hard training. The Varsity girls have a large group of Seniors and Juniors but they are accompanied with 2 Sophomores known as Lilly Robinson and Eva Warne. The Girls lost a lot of seniors last year that were able to bring talent to the team. The first game they played was on August 31st against  Soquel High School at San Lorenzo Valley High School.

Water polo has never been an easy sport at all. Why is water polo not an easy sport some might ask, well in water polo they have been practicing every day from three o’clock to five o’clock since August and it has been nonstop work since then. Also during summer they had double days where they would have to go to practice two times in one day and had to practice for four hours a day instead of two. The practices consist of lap swimming, throwing, defense, and catching. Sometimes they scrimmage with the Junior Varsity team. This training with help the team is able to beat their competitors.

The varsity girls first game was on Thursday, August 31, they played the Soquel Knights and Soquel has been the best team for the past couple years. The girls lost their first game 18-1. After the game Natalia Duvernois was asked what were her thoughts on the game and  she said ” Well I think we went into it as a new team not really knowing what to expect and it was a great learning experience for us ” Then sophomore Eva warne was asked how she thinks the rest of the year will go after the 18-1 defeat and she said ” I think we will do well this year even with the first game being 18-1 and us losing, we pulled up a lot of new people this year who haven’t worked with each other yet and I believe it will just take some time of getting used to playing with each other also we play a really good team are first game so I don’t think we will lose like that again”. Finally Emma Zilge was asked what a goal for her this year is and she said ” A goal for me this year is just to have fun and learn a lot about each other and how we work as a team.’

The girls will be playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays all the way until October 19th. They have home games on September 12th, 19th, and 21st and October 10th and the 19th. They play on the road on September  14th, 26th, and 28th and October 5th, 12th, 14th, 17th. Let’s hope the Cougars can bring home a winning record this year.

By Reim Olmsted

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