Girls Golf starts off the season with new faces and a lot of potential to succeed

“I am very confident in myself and the team going into this year’s season” says returning player Jillian Francis. As the new season begins and starts to unfold the girls start to prepare. “Although last years season didn’t go as planned, the team is trusting in their coaching and experience to push through this year. An admired coach at SLVHS, Shane Sutcliffe, is looked upon with respect by these girls and will lead them to victory. The team recently received players Christina Reason and Maycie Parmenter, a good addition to the team. Christina reason says “hard work and commitment will put us in the right position for success”. While the team continues to practice at Valley Gardens and DeLaveaga Park they are increasing their skills and learning to be patient. Sibylle Weikel says “The biggest and most important thing I have learned from golf from these past few seasons is to not get down and to not easily get frustrated with yourself”. As players Jillian Francis, Emily Ditrich and Sibylle Weikel come to the end of their high school careers they want to end their final season with a bang. With these veterans knowledge they will be able to lead new teammates to success. According to the golf team last year, the only difficulties and struggles they faced were playing upperclassmen with more experience than them because not enough schools have enough players to create and fill a Varsity and JV Girls Golf team. As the team approaches their first match of the season on Thursday, September 21, at 4:00pm against the Harbor Pirates, overall their confidence and hard work should give them a big enough boost to take home the win.

By Tyler Costere


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