Did Russia Have Ties to the Trump Campaign?


There is an ongoing investigation on whether or not Russia had anything to do with Trump’s presidential election, which has the potential to destabilize our whole democracy. Many liberals and even Republicans believe that the Russia tampered with the poll results. Steve Bannon, former white house chief strategist surprisingly said that investigating the election is “a waste of time”. This makes the Republican party look very suspicious. Bannon also stated “There’s nothing to the Russia investigation. It’s a waste of time. It’s a total and complete farce” which adds a bit more suspicion.

Also quite recently, the FBI claimed they have caught a break in the Russian investigation. Apparently Trump Jr. “ultimately admitted he had accepted the meeting after receiving an email offering damaging information on Hillary Clinton as a part of the Russian government’s efforts to strengthen his father’s campaign”. This sparked even more suspicion within the office and now everyone knows. Trump seems guiltier by the day. The president’s lawyer is posing the idea that all these characterizations are misinformed, which is hard to believe faced with evidence.

Eric Kahl, history and government teacher at San Lorenzo Valley High School, is not impressed by Trump’s actions regarding Russia. When asked if he believed Russia interfered with the election, Kahl stated: “Yes, it seems like all the evidence points to Russia trying to disrupt our democracy.”

By Emmeleia Ross

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