Bannon Removed from Office After One Year

President Trump fired Bannon in what has been considered one of the most recent shocking government shake-ups. He removed an exceptional architect regarding his 2016 election victory and an extreme force behind his nationalist and anti-globalization agenda. Did Trump make the right call by kicking Bannon out of office?

“Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he no longer works at the White House.” quoted from White House official. Sebastian Gorka, U.S. citizen born in Britain, formerly worked as a national security editor at Bannon’s Breitbart news website, where he often talked of Islamic terrorism. Mr. Gorka, who describes himself as a national security advisor to the president butt who existed outside the national security council and had no clear duties, was an important figure while in the white house, he memorably declared that “the alpha males are back” as an assertion of the distance between the Obama administration and the current one.

I asked Mr. Parmenter, “How do you think the government will run without Bannon?” He answered saying, “Hopefully Trump will find good advisors to advise him.” Bannon was rumored to not work well with Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, or General John Kelly. President Trump clearly relies on his close family associations, this is part of a strategy that has lead to his success. It appears that Trump has a close inner circle that he will not break for an outsider.It appears that Bannon was an asset to the Trump team, so it’s likely that it was interpersonal issues which lead to his departure. These were not released to the media and one would not expect it to be if the real reason for Bannon’s departure was because he was disliked to the inner circle.

Bannon has “been at war” for a long time with the people in the White House that he considers globalists.As CNBC said, Bannon, is said to “crowd Trump’s spotlight”. It’s possible Bannon wasn’t fully committed to Trump’s agenda, Rather he was pushing for his own political aspirations.When Eric Khal was asked whether he agreed with Trump kicking Bannon out of office, he responded by saying “ Yes, because Bannon has an agenda that I don’t think is good for America.”

In conclusion, this event appears to be hidden in a political mystery. On the surface, it looks like Trump let one of his top members go for no reason at a time when he and his cabinet are under fierce attacks by the media, natural disasters are making a huge impact on our economy, and the threat of nuclear war has never been higher. The obvious question is, why wouldn’t he be trying to create and maintain stability in his cabinet at such a time like this?

By Olivia Lapioli

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