Varsity Boys Volleyball team is looking to start the season off with a smash

The boy’s volleyball team at SLVHS has been having a good pre-season so far, though some of the results have been losses the team still holds their heads high. So far the San Lorenzo Valley High School Boys volleyball team has had four games, all of these are their only preseason game before the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League starts. The first game the team had was on February 20th in which the team played against Monte Vista Christian School at Home. It was a loss for San Lorenzo Valley High School

For coach Ashley, this will be her third year coaching the boy’s volleyball team for San Lorenzo Valley High School. “ We have only had two games but Zander Roberts, Junior who plays the position Middle Blocker, has come back this year stronger and bigger ”. Zander is an essential part of the team as his kills over the net get The San Lorenzo Valley boys volleyball team vital point throughout the season.

Their most recent game was March eighth against Santa Cruz High School at home. Luka Mahkovitz a junior and left side hitter for the San Lorenzo Valley Boys Volleyball team had some strong words to say before the game. “ Santa Cruz High School is a really tough team to play against when it comes to volleyball. They have good structure and do everything quite fluidly. Whether it be blocking, hitting, or setting, they also have a lot of tall players which could make the difference. But in the end, I think we can do it, and I think if we keep our heads in the game and give it one hundred percent of our effort, we can come out with the win”.
Though these were some hopeful words for the San Lorenzo Valley High School Volleyball team, they ended up losing the game against Santa Cruz High School. Setter, Logan Prelgovisk had some words for me after the game. “We won the first set pretty easily, but then we ended up losing the rest of them. It was weird because it was really evenly matched. We probably could have beaten them which is the worst thing. We just have to practice and do better next time”. It was a hard fought match for  San Lorenzo Valley High School boys Volleyball team. Their next home game is March 15th against Scotts Valley High School, we all hope the best for the volleyball team and for a good season.

By Alejandro Corona

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