Students share their plans for this spring break

Although few students are bold enough to say it to their teachers, who may surprisingly share the same sentiment, everyone is really tired of school. The daily grind has worn everyone down, and our exhausted adolescent minds are crying out for a break. But rest easy sleep deprived teens, for Spring Break is here. After all of the hard work the students at SLVHS have put in, they will be getting a week of relaxation to recharge, enjoy quality time with friends and family, and take the chance to get out of town and see new places.  “I plan to spend time with friends, sleep, and work desperately to piece together my overarching responsibilities and emotional health, which our school system has ripped to tatters. Woohoo!” Junior Kahlo

Photo: The Odyssey

Smith exclaims. Smith isn’t the only one who will be using this week off to recuperate from the heavy toll school has taken. 

Many students are taking this opportunity to get out of town, try something new, and get a much deserved change of scenery with both friends and family. Hope Davis, a Freshman, plans to “Visit my brother in Idaho.” Another Freshman, Tasina Westberg, says “This spring break, I will be going skiing with my friend Kaylo and her family. Hopefully there will be snow…” The best of luck to you on having a snowy Spring Break where you’ll be adventuring off to. Sofia Cartelli, class of 2018, states “My plans for spring break are to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon and take a four day long backpacking trip.” Junior Sidney Williams is getting out of town and “going to New York City.” Senior Abby Halper will be going on “A family cruise to the Caribbean.” Getting out of town and seeing new things is a great way to get a pleasant change of pace.

Others have decided to take a more unique approach to their time off, doing some out of the box things they wouldn’t try under normal circumstances. Class of 2019’s Gabriel Michaud plans to spend the time “Relaxing and flying.” Apparently, some of the SLVHS students have developed the curious ability to fly. All students are advised to observe their surroundings carefully to avoid any collisions with levitating sophomores, as we don’t know if Gabe will retain this ability once Spring Break ends. Sophomore Malakai Lawton will be putting on his shades and getting his dancing pants on. “Party like there’s no tomorrow.” he stated with gusto. Let loose and bust out your best 90’s moves, but don’t forget to stay safe.

Of course the majority of students will gratefully take this time to be with friends and family and get some well deserved rest. “My plans for spring break so far are simply to be with family, plus a friend of mine and I plan to make a bunch of foods from our favorite movies from Studio Ghibli! If you haven’t heard of it, or still haven’t seen any of their movies I highly suggest watching at least one.” said Anissa Marie Ramirez, a Junior with great taste in movies and possibly food as well. “Nothing.” Ruby Sartain-Miller, a sophomore, states matter of factly. Freshman Brianna Wright says “My parent will be getting married, so afterwards they are going on their honeymoon, while I spend time with some family members.” Congratulations on your parent’s wedding, and wishing you happiness.

A surprisingly large amount of students are planning to use their free time to plan out their future and work on school projects. Senior Kassidy Gambelin says she will “Probably [be] working and wasting time, maybe writing a paper for Poetzinger’s class.” She paused and reconsidered. “Definitely writing a paper for Poetzinger’s class.” Gambelin is playing it safe and making a wise choice, unlike most students who choose to write theirs the night before. Let’s face it, how often do we actually work on our projects ahead of time? Seniors are also taking “College visits” as Carly Hill stated. Senior Madeline Johnson will also be “Visiting colleges,” as well as most of the class of 2017. There’s no time like the present to start making plans and preparing. Howard Forehan, a Junior, is getting a head start on his college seeking, saying he’s going to “Go on a college trip up north with my friends.”

Whether the SLVHS students plan to take it easy or think outside of the box, hopefully everyone will take advantage of this well deserved break, and come back to school working harder than ever.

Written by Cat Shewfelt

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