Serving up the Season SLV Style

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By Gabriel Michaud

The boys tennis team is serving up the season, however they are beginning the season with dwindling numbers. There are currently only three boys on the team. In order to be able to compete in league and with other teams from across the area the team must muster at least ten people to compete. The time to rally the players is running out quick as matches approach. Coach Matt O’Brien and his team are frantically trying to recruit boys for his tennis team from around the campus.  

In order to compete in league, 10 players minimum are needed. In the words of Zack Kanter “It’s been a little rough, we have only had a few practices, and we only have three players, it’s a little rough being so shorthanded, we definitely are gonna need more people.” The boys compete in both doubles and singles matches depending on their preference. In doubles matches two players take on two players from the opposing team, and in singles it is one on one. The matches are scored like regular professional tennis. At the end of the match whichever team did better overall and has won more matches wins the overall match.

Coach Matt O’brien has been coaching the team for a few years now, and definitely hopes to get enough players to field a team this year. In addition to coaching the boys team Coach Matt O’Brien also coaches the girls tennis team during the fall.

The team practices after school at Highlands park in Ben Lomond. The tennis team used to practice and play at the tennis courts right at the school. However now the courts are run down, trashed and neglected. Both tennis teams are hoping that one day the school will be able to repair the tennis courts so that they could be used again. The team currently plays all of their home matches at Scott’s Valley High School, which is a little odd considering that they are our biggest rival, even in tennis.

If the team can rally enough players for the team they will compete in their first match against Scott’s Valley on March 14th at 3:30 pm, at Scott’s Valley. Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Coach Matt O’Brien, or Athletic Director Christopher Coulson.

By Gabriel Michaud

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